Below are neighborhoods and communities of interest in the City of Santa Paula that have been identified by the public. All public comments are gathered at the public hearings, community workshops and via email at

Amber drive

Oaks. Close to Bedall school

View Drive, above Santa Paula High School

In the Oaks


Richmond Road, mobile home park

South of Harvard, next to a Teague Park

Cherry Hill In Mupu School District

McKevitt Heights/Old Mill

East of Hallock by Yamaguccis

Ojai rd

Ojai Rd. And Laurel rd

North of Santa Paula Street, East of Bradley, West of 10th street

Basically defined by age of housing development and geographical boundaries

High school

Ojai Road, Richmond Road, riverbed

South of Harvard

Highway 150 and hills

10th/Hospital Hill, 6th St, Santa Barbara St, Terracina.

Off the 126


We live near the high school, so that’s a common interest. Empty lots in the area sometimes accumulate trash. However, my main concern is related to equitable representation for neighborhoods that are less affluent. I also think districts provide an opportunity to nurture younger community leaders.

I see common interests in safety, home maintenance….but as a whole I think the community just likes having a place to grow and walk and enjoy nature

I think the concerns of my neighborhood are the concern of the community at large.

Everyone down south steckel drive is a rented, approximately 200+ housing units

Families. Need for safe travel for children and seniors along highway . Access to recreational areas need dog park

Street repairs. Utility costs. Safety/low crime rates. Home values. Reducing homelessness. Mental health and drug treatment assistance. Gentrification. Architectural & cultural diversity. These things all contribute to overall quality of life.

That our area is respected as residents not just money industrial and agricultural areas.

Well i don’t like the idea of re-districting. use the school districts or do something that already exists unless you are actually going to make it based on function in which case there could be a residential, retail, industrial, nature, agricultural zones.

I am opposing districting until I am convinced that it is realistically purposeful.
SP is small and I don’t understand why the districting is being considered. Unless explained, it seems to me the districting disenfranchises the citizens of SP. What happens in one section of SP generally affects all sections in one way or another

We are all struggling with greedy landlords upping our rent.

We are not always considered in some decisions. As we can always make do with what we have

Rising utility costs and reduced utility use to combat climate change, coupled with the horrible condition of our streets and sidewalks, are changing the look and feel of our community and not for the better. All of these things contribute to reduced quality of life and lower our property values.

That the city as a whole and its residents are properly heard and represented respectfully.